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Stop worrying about infrastructure and get back to doing science

with our AI & Physics powered software platform for drug-discovery.

Physics & AI for Everyone

We believe the future of PharmaTech is to equip drug discovery teams of all sizes with powerful, innovative computational methods for every kind of problem. All wrapped up in ergonomic, easy to use software.

Our solution: its all in the engineering

Ibeks is more than just software. Its an entire end-to-end platform and marketplace-community for physics & AI enabled drug discovery.

  • Manage all your experiment metadata in a single location
  • An ELN for your computational experiments
  • Communicate, collaborate, and integrate to keep the entire team in the flow
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The Bos Management Platform

Our flagship and initial product. The Bos management platform provides a convenient hub for tracking, sharing, and reporting on all of your computational experiments and models.

If that sounds simple -- Good! We want Bos to be accessible to everyone, yet able to grow to meet complex requirements. We believe Bos solves your most annoying problems as a Physics/AI enabled drug discovery biotech.

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The IBEKS Edge

IBEKS was founded to be a different kind of computational chemistry company that is ready for a bold new future of AI & Physics based discovery.

We are obsessed with two things: quality and innovation. We believe quantum leaps in innovation are only possible through a superior software product that puts the customer first.

Ibeks is not and never will be a drug discovery company. You can trust that we will never have an incentive to compete with you. We don't do "strategic partnerships" and provide affordable transparent pricing that is accessible to even the smallest of operations.

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Our Vision

What you see here is just the beginning. Bos will serve as a firm foundation for building a rich, open ecosystem.

We are creating a future where scientists can not only visualize structures but also dynamics and energetics of complex biological systems. An operating system for the beauty of microscopic life as it really is!

To do this we want to bring together the entire community through sustainable marketplaces that rewards ingenuity and fosters unique innovations for many different kinds of projects.

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Excited Yet? Get Involved!

Ibeks is an early-stage, pre-product, startup looking for excited early adopters to help validate and guide our initial product offerings.

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